An interview with Ever Gonzales of Outliers Mag

  A few weeks ago I had the privilege of doing an podcast interview with Ever Gonzalez of Outliers. Ever had contacted me over a year ago through  and with all the moving pieces in my life I couldn’t make the interview happen. Having finally got…

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1-Day Leadership Retreat for Women

Are a woman who is looking to strengthen and deepen your leadership skills from the inside out? In partnership with PowHERHouse Media Group we have created an introductory offer for a one day leadership retreat you don’t want to miss!

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Learning Lab Overview: Getting into the Driver’s Seat

This video provides an overview of a 90 min session you can bring into your organization to support people in setting themselves up for success in change. For more information on how to bring this learning lab or others into your school, business or organization please contact…

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Curiosity did not kill the cat

The meaning of ‘curiosity killed the cat’ has evolved several times since it was noted back in 1598 via William Shakespeare. Over several centuries the phrase has morphed into various meanings including sticking to what’s known and true and not to get too inquisitive or…

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One thing all successful leaders do

  For such a common word I truly feel we’ve lost the real meaning of leadership and where it really starts from. There are so many challenges communities are facing. In a world a full of information, innovation and possibility we are constantly looking for new and improved…

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Why are “Taco Moments” so Important?

Are you having one those days where you are trying to solve a problem and the answer is just not coming to you? Well, you might want to consider taking a “taco moment”. A few months ago one of my project team member’s M. was working on a complex IT…

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Increase Your Leadership Capacity with 3 Effective Tools

Over the last six weeks I decided to do some of my own research on what companies and non profit groups are doing when it comes to leadership development within their teams.  With careful selection I reached out to 22 CEO and Human Resources Directors within Canada, USA, and…

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